Day: March 6, 2018

A Problem With Social Security

One of the major problems with Social Security is quite simple. When Social Security was originally conceived, it was expected that less than three percent of the population would live to collect, and those few would live only two to three years once they started collecting. It was also expected […]

232 Illegal Immigrants Arrested

From Fox News A sweep in Northern California by Federal Immigration officials last week caught a number of illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes, said immigration and customs enforcements of the four-day raid. The raid lead to the arrest of 232 illegal immigrants in the San Francisco Bay area, many […]

Trump Highway

Utah legislators voted recently to name of stretch of state highway after President Trump. The move is apparently intended as a “thank you” to the president for converting two national monuments – millions of acres – from federal- to state-held land. In defense of the decision, President Trump stated to […]

Fire Arm Legislation Updates

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) signed a new gun safety legislation into law on Monday. The bill expands an existing law to prevent intimate partners who have a domestic violence or stalking conviction from buying and keeping guns. Previously, the state’s law only applied to married partners. The new measure […]