Ground Zero Mosque Imam is Just Another Deadbeat Slumlord

It turns out the Imam who has enraged the nation with his proposal to build a towering monument to Sharia law only 2 blocks from Ground Zero, owns several public housing buildings in New Jersey that are infested with rats and vermin. Just like Obama pals Valarie Jarrett and Tony Rezco, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf took millions in state funds in order to enrich himself at the expense of taxpayers and the less fortunate.

While his wife Daisy Kahn insists that “The tenancy is the kind of tenancy where there is vandalism”, that still doesn’t explain why they refused to spend money on exterminators, a seemingly necessary expense for older buildings in just about any American city.

Considering how experienced Rauf appears to be at fleecing the American people, it raises the question whether or not the proposed Ground Zero mosque is being built truly as a place of worship or is just another convoluted scheme to pad the Imam’s pocketbook.

For more information check out this story by Connie Hair on Human Events

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