Man Reports Fake Hate Crime to FBI, Not Facing Charges

The FBI wasted taxpayer money last week investigating an incident in which racist slurs were painted on a car near the Kansas State University.

Riley County Police reported Monday afternoon that the owner of the car, Dauntarius Williams, 21, of Manhattan, admitted to lying about the vandalism.

In fact, he’s the one who painted his car.

And after dragging the FBI into an investigation and stoking racial tensions across the community, and social media, he’s getting away without facing charges.

Police said that after learning Williams had vandalized his own car, Riley County Police Director Brad Schoen and the Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson simply decided not to press charges. They insisted that enforcing the law, in this case, wouldn’t be good for the community.

Funny. Is faking hate crimes to stoke racial tensions good for the community? Is dragging the FBI into investigating a fake crime good for the community?

Williams “expressed sincere regret that his actions had resulted in the negative media attention that resulted.”

Seriously? Look at his car and tell me he didn’t expect anything to come of this…

Williams also reported his hoax to The Kansas City Star himself.

And after being caught, he had the audacity to say “I would like to deeply apologize to the community. The whole situation got out of hand when it shouldn’t have even started.”

The situation got out of hand? No kidding! You committed a hoax designed to tie up law enforcement resources and incite racial tension.

When you write “Go Home N****r Boy,” “White’s Only,” “Die,” and “Date your own kind,” on your own car and then report it to the police and local newspaper, things tend to get heated.

“While Williams’ mistake had a decidedly negative impact on the community, [he] is a young man who made a mistake and is now doing his best to own up to it,” Director Schoen said.

Oh, he didn’t do anything wrong then. It was just a youthful mistake.

Read more about his fake report here.

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