The Audacity of Food Stamps

While our wise and genteel President vacations at Martha’s Vineyard and spends taxpayer money on sprucing up the Oval Office, the rest of America gets to suffer the consequences of his Marxist wealth redistribution policies. There are now a record 40 million on food stamps, 50 million on state Medicaid, 10 million on unemployment and 4.4 million on welfare with more and more people enrolling in government assistance programs every day.

Instead of sticking with the tried and true trickle-down economics model of prosperity, we are now committed to the more ominous trickle-up poverty way of doing things. The economy is getting worse by the minute and the ObamaCare monstrosity hasn’t even kicked in yet.

Liberals are fortunate that their sensitive nature is spared the sight of Americans waiting in bread lines like many did during the Great Depression. Thanks to modern technology, those in need are now issued a card that is accepted at most grocery stores, which in one way is too bad as the sight of millions of their fellow citizens unable to feed themselves might get some liberals to reconsider the error of their ways.

Either we retake our country in November and get our nation back on the right path or pretty soon we’ll all be in the bread lines.

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