The Only Reason Democrats Win Elections Is Because They Lie

I was watching Hannity on Fox News last night and much of the program concerned the litany of Democrat lies that have been filling the airwaves this election season. A number of political ads were shown from so-called “moderate” Democrats including Rep. Jason Altmire, Rep. Mark Schauer, and Rep. Suzanne Kosmas who were made to sound like fiscally conservative budget hawks that would be “independent voices” in Washington opposed to the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda.

If I didn’t know better, based on their ads I would have thought they were Republicans.

What a crock! Schauer voted for ObamaCare, Altmire voted for the stimulus package, and Kosmas voted for both and the Cap and Trade bill to boot.

An Avalanche of Democrat Lies

From the inconsequential to the almighty huge, Democrat politicians have shown an unabashed willingness to lie their butts off to the American people in order to maintain power.

How many times have we been shoveled the same old tired line that the $787 billion stimulus “saved or created” 3 million jobs? It’s been over a year now and the only thing everyone can agree on is there is no such thing as a “saved or created” job.

Obama has the gall to claim “all” economists agree his trillion dollar boondoggle saved the nation from economic collapse. The fact the statement is in a practical sense impossible, never have “all” economists agreed on anything in the history of civilization, does not stop the man from using it again and again and again.

Watching Obama talk you can see why French President Nicolas Sarkosy once referred to him as a “lunatic” and “insane”. To be fair, these quotes come from the Kremlin, but who among us haven’t thought the same thing?

Not long ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted her number one priority was “jobs, jobs, jobs”. What she didn’t mention was that jobs would come after Congress first passed economy killing health, finance, and environmental reforms guaranteed to put millions of Americans out on the street.

Rep. Bart Stupak told Americans that ObamaCare wouldn’t allow government funding for abortions. Three whole months later and high risk pools in Pennsylvania do exactly that. Shown evidence to the contrary, Stupak sticks his head in the sand and insists it isn’t happening.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky recently claimed “this Congress is set to create more jobs in 8 months than net jobs created in the last 8 years of the Bush administration”. Her statement is so blatantly false I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Rep. Brad Ellsworth put out campaign ads this summer that criticized politicians in Washington who “waste our money”. This after he wholeheartedly supported a 37% increase in federal spending over the past 3 years.

No matter the situation, no matter how high the stakes, all Democrat politicians are willing lie with every breath they take in order to get elected.

Democrats Can Run, but They Can’t Hide From Their Lies

Can you imagine what would have happened to Obama’s presidential hopes if he had leveled with the American people in 2008 and honestly shared his vision for the future with voters?

“I pledge to socialize the world’s greatest healthcare system, direct billions of taxpayer money to my union pals, raise energy rates so high you’ll be burning furniture to keep warm in the winter, make a mockery of our foreign policy, apologize for our shameful past, paint the majority of Americans as ignorant and bigoted, and party like a rock star on the taxpayer’s dime.

“I am Barack Obama and I approved this message.”

He would’ve been toast.

Democrat candidates can try all they want to distance themselves from the destructive policies they have forced upon the nation over the past couple of years, but it won’t work. Thanks to Fox News, talk radio and the ever resourceful and informative internet, Democrats can no longer hide behind a curtain of lies to save their own skins.

Americans are paying attention and they know exactly what the Democrats have been up to, regardless of claims to the contrary. November is fast approaching and then it will be our turn to shove change down the Democrats’ throats and see how they like it.

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